Alexander B. Ruchin

Editor-in-Chief of the journal "Nature Conservation Research"

Academic degree, title, position: Doctor of Sciences (in Biology), docent. Director of the Joint Directorate of the Mordovia State Nature Reserve and National Park “Smolny".

Awards, membership in societies and editorial boards of journals: Honoured Ecologist of the Republic of Mordovia. Member of the Association Board of Directors of Russian Nature Reserves and National Parks. Alexander B. Ruchin consists in the Expert Council on Protected Areas of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia. He is a member of the Saint Petersburg Union of Scientists, the Society of Biotechnologists of Russia, the A.M. Nikolsky Herpetological Society, the Russian Entomological Society. Alexander B. Ruchin consists in editorial boards of journals AACL Bioflux (Romania), European Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences (Austria) and European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences (Austria).

Research interests: ecology, ichthyology, entomology, herpetology, parasitology.

Scientometric indicators: Web of Science (h=13, Documents by author: 106, Total citations: 545); Scopus (h=17, Documents by author: 138, Total citations: 1001); Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) (h=26, Documents by author: 495, Total citations: 5279).

Publication activity: Alexander B. Ruchin is author of more than 680 publications, including more than 250 articles in peer reviewed journals; he is an author (or co-author) of 17 monographs, 23 teaching aids, 3 patents.

Web-pages: ResearchGate, Scopus, Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI).

Selected publications

Ruchin A.B., Egorov L.V., Khapugin A.A. Seasonal activity of Coleoptera attracted by fermental crown traps in forest ecosystems of Central Russia // Ecological Questions. 2021. V. 32. № 1. P. 37-53.
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