Regular issue 5(2) of the journal «Nature Conservation Research» has been released

The regular issue 5(2) of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" ( has been released today. It is stored here: The cover shows Lepidochelys olivacea near the Ugbonla community, Ilaje local government area, Ondo State, Nigeria (Photo: Dr. J.A. Ogunjobi, Ms. O.C. Surulere).
This issue of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" contains articles devoted to different taxonomic groups of plants and animals in Europe, Asia, and Africa. It includes research articles devoted to study vascular plants, insects, zoobenthic invertebrates, small mammals, felids, natural landscapes. Different species of insects (Diptera, Hymenoptera, Coleoptera) were studied in Protected Areas of East Asia, Europe, Africa. Zoobenthos in water bodies and water courses was investigated in an East Asian Protected Area. The Far Eastern endemic plant species, Tilia maximowicziana was studied and estimated according to the categories and criteria of the IUCN Red List Guidelines. The methodics of landscape mapping in hard-to-reach areas was applied at the Bolonsky State Nature Reserve (Russia). In Ilaje (Nigeria), status, sighting periods and conservation awareness of sea turtles have been studied. In a Protected Area of European Russia, habitat conditions of Desmana moschata (Mammalia) were investigated. Finally, the effect of population density on number of leukocytes in domestic cats have been studied in the Daursky State Nature Reserve and its buffer zone.