About us

"Fund for Support and Development of Protected Areas "Bear Land" was registered legally on April 15, 2016 (entry in the register was made on April 22, 2016). It is a unitary non-profit organization that does not have membership established by individuals for the purpose of supporting and developing of Protected Areas of different levels and status.

Full name: Fund for Support and Development of Protected Areas "Bear Land" ["Medvezhya Zemlya"].
Abbreviated: Fund "Bear Land" ["Medvezhya Zemlya"].

The main objectives of the Foundation:

1) Promoting the protection and revitalization of the natural, cultural and spiritual heritage, addressing the socio-economic problems of protected areas of federal, regional and municipal importance (hereinafter referred to as PAs);
2) Support of all types of activities of PAs, historical and cultural monuments, traditional environmental management, environmental education and the development of ecological cognitive tourism;
3) Assistance in the development of small and medium-scale environmentally-oriented business as a condition for sustainable development of protected areas;
4) Assistance in the development of the system of ecological education, upbringing and formation of ecological culture of youth, schoolchildren in accordance with the Federal Laws;
5) Realization of scientific-methodical and educational programs in the field of biology and ecology, environmental protection, life safety, the environment;
6) Assistance in the protection of the environment and the dissemination of scientific knowledge, in the conduct of ecological education, the implementation of projects in the field of ecological education, art, culture;
7) Preservation and popularization of the historical and cultural heritage of Russia.

The objectives of the Fund are:

- assistance in attracting investments, financial resources for socio-cultural and economic development, protection of cultural and natural heritage, environmental protection of federal, regional and municipal protected areas, historical and cultural monuments, traditional rational nature management, as well as in nearby territories (including ones within buffer zones of PAs);

- participation in the development and implementation of international projects, initiatives and programs aimed to achieve the goals of the Fund;

- expansion of partnership relations with Russian and foreign state and commercial structures interested in the development of PAs;

- work on the organization of the publication of materials of conferences and seminars, collections of scientific and scientific-popular articles, methodological, educational and visual aids and other printed products that promote the realization of the goals of the Fund and promote its activities;

- interaction with state authorities and local self-government authorities, presentation of initiatives on various issues of public life, introduction of relevant proposals to state authorities and local self-government;

- attracting attention of authorities of all levels, as well as the general public, including the international community, to the problems of conservation the natural and cultural heritage of the PAs, popularizing and promoting their monuments and nature protection activities;

- organization of scientific research activities, conducting research and monitoring in the field of nature protection, historical and cultural monuments, environmental education and development of ecological tourism;

- dissemination of information about its activities;

- participation in public environmental events, fairs, exhibitions, popularization of the idea of development of protected areas;

- cooperation with stakeholders of federal, regional and municipal significance, historical and cultural monuments, traditional rational use of natural resources by public organizations, including similar organizations, both in the Russian Federation and abroad, informing their members about their work.