Regular issue 6(4) of the journal «Nature Conservation Research» has been released

The regular issue 6(4) of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" ( has been released today. It is stored here: The cover shows the female wolf (Canis lupus Linnaeus, 1758) in the buffer zone of the Daursky State Nature Biosphere Reserve, Russia (Author: Sergey Vysotin).
This issue of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" contains articles devoted to various taxonomic groups of plants, animals, lichens, plant communities, and natural ecosystems in Europe and Asia. It includes research articles and research notes devoted to study mammals, plants, lichens, invertebrates, plant communities, and methods of remote research of natural ecosystems. One article is devoted to the approach of studying the pine forest stand structure in the Priosko-Terrasny State Nature Biosphere Reserve (Russia) based on aerial photography by quadrocopter. Two research notes include additions to the natural flora of Kazakhstan (five species of Gagea genus) and India (Begonia dicressine). In the Prielbrusie National Park (Northern Caucasus, Russia), epiphytic lichen biota has been studied using an express 1-hectare method. Based on 5.5 research years, daily activity patterns of wolves have been studied in open habitats in the Dauria ecoregion, Russia. Impact of dominants on the species richness and compositional dissimilarity of high mountain plant communities has been studied in the Caucasian State Nature Reserve (Western Caucasus). The ground beetles of the tribus Trechini (Carabidae) were studied on the Southern Kuril Islands with description of Trechus dorsistriatus laferi ssp. nov., and compilation of the identification key for the four species of the South Kuril fauna. Structural features of the polychaete community have been studied at rocky-boulder substrates in nearshore waters in Protected Areas of Crimea and Caucasus.