Regular issue 7(1) of the journal «Nature Conservation Research» has been released

The regular issue 7(1) of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" ( has been released. It is stored here: The cover shows the male Urothemis edwardsii (Selys, 1849) in the National Park of El Kala, Algeria (Author: Dr. Rassim Khelifa).

This issue of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" contains articles devoted to various taxonomic groups of plants, vertebrates, and invertebrates in Europe, Asia, South America, and Africa. It includes research articles, short communications, and research notes devoted to studies of vascular plants, bryophytes, mammals, birds, insects, and mollusks. One article is devoted to the phenology of the regionally Critically Endangered dragonfly Urothemis edwardsii in the National Park of El Kala, Northeast of Algeria. Floristic mosaic of the threatened campo rupestre was studied in Brazil. Factors influencing the distribution and habitat utilisation of Leptoptilos javanicus were studied in and around Barandabhar Corridor Forest, Chitwan, Nepal. The threat status of three important medicinal plant species has been studied in the Himalayas. Morphometric variability of ground beetles Bembidion minimum (Coleoptera, Carabidae) has been studied. In Gunung Pueh National Park (Borneo), community structures of mid-sized to large-bodied mammals in tropical lowland and lower montane forests have been investigated. Holocene dynamics of a relict moss complex was studied in the Korotovskoe mire (State Complex «Zavidovo», Russia). A new freshwater snail species, Gyraulus marocana sp. nov. (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Planorbidae), was described for the first time for science from Morocco. A short note is devoted to the first record of Melanitta fusca in the Republic of Korea.