Regular issue 8(3) of the journal «Nature Conservation Research» has been released

This issue of the journal “Nature Conservation Research” contains articles devoted to various taxonomic groups of animals, vascular plants, algae, fungi, and soils in Europe and Asia. This issue includes eight articles. Taxa of mollusks, algae, and insects have been described for the first time from Morocco, European Russia, and Siberia, respectively. A Review Article is devoted to mammal taxa, classified as Extinct or Critically Endangered. Changes in activity in post-pyrogenic soils in the early succession stages have been studied in the Utrish State Nature Reserve (Russia). In the Visim State Nature Reserve (the Middle Urals), coupled variation of red-backed vole species has been investigated in biotopes disturbed by windfall and wildfire. The fauna and biotopic distribution of Chrysomelidae (Coleoptera) have been studied in the Zhiguli State Nature Reserve (Russia). In the Vodlozersky National Park (Russia), the biodiversity dynamics has been studied in primary mid-taiga spruce forests after total windthrow.