Special issue 5(Suppl.1) of the journal «Nature Conservation Research» has been released

The special issue 5(Suppl.1) of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" (http://ncr-journal.bear-land.org/) has been released: http://ncr-journal.bear-land.org/journal/30. This issue is entitled as "ORCHID CONSERVATION". The cover shows Calypso bulbosa L. in spruce-pine forest with a dominant green moss layer (Leningrad region, Russia) (Photo: Dr. Petr G. Efimov).
This issue of the journal "Nature Conservation Research" contains articles devoted to conservation issues of orchids in various natural zones of Europe, Asia, and one global review. The special issue includes review and research articles, short communications. One group of articles consisted of population studies of Dactylorhiza traunsteineri in the Komi Republic (Russia), Platanthera chlorantha in the Greater Caucasus (Azerbaijan), Ophrys argolica subsp. biscutella in the Appennino Lucano-Val d'Agri-Lagonegrese National Park (Italy), Dactylorhiza viridis in Fancott Woods and Meadows SSSI (Bedfordshire, UK). It includes a review of distribution and taxonomic diversity of orchids in Russia, a review of orchids on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodarsky Krai (Russia). There is an overview of research priorities and future directions in conservation of wild orchids in Sri Lanka, as well as a global systematic review on orchid data in Protected Areas. The revision of available data on Cephalanthera epipactoides in Russia was published here. On the basis of molecular-phylogenetic and population research, revision and distribution of Liparis species (Orchidaceae) in Amur region (Russia) were conducted. IUCN Red List assessments have been performed in relation to orchids endemic to Apulia (Italy) and to Sabah (Borneo). In the latter study area, the orchid distribution modelling was conducted. The diversity of wild orchids was studied in highland forests of the Heart of Borneo (Long Banga and Tama Abu, Sarawak). On the basis of studies in selected locations in Russia, the polymorphism of Cypripedium guttatum flowers was studied with identification of five forms of C. guttatum in terms of their flower colouration. Finally, the germination protocol for the Endangered Mediterranean species, Orchis patens, was optimised, and the effect of controlled constant temperature in growth chambers with fluctuations of temperature occurring in natural environments was compared.